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Independence Station: The World’s Greenest Building

Independence StationIndependence Station is a $15 million mixed-used development under construction in Independence, Oregon. Due to recent changes in LEED certification, the building had to be re-evaluated to see where it would fall on the new rating system (LEED v3.0). Under the previous version of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, Independence Station was projected to earn a total of 64 – 66 of the 69 points possible. The new system is based on a 100-point scale with 10 possible bonus points. Independence Station is likely to earn 101 of the 110 points, putting it right back on track to become the world’s greenest building.

Steven Ribeiro of Aldeia, LLC, the Developer of Independence Station is pleased by the changes to the rating system. He believes that LEED v3.0 challenges developers to make buildings more energy efficient then ever before and hopes that other developers will out-score Independence Station in the future.

The 57,000 square-foot Independence Station is set to open in 2010 and will host real and virtual offices, residential units, a restaurant and Internet cafe, DC-powered data storage facility, research facilities, product beta testing facilities, new product showcasing, and classroom space for professional as well as community outreach purposes. In addition, unique and highly efficient solar charged electric cars will be part of the project, as well as a large-scale rainwater harvesting system.

Eco tourists and residents will be able to enjoy and learn about sustainable practices in the building’s one- and two-bedroom condominiums, with the goal of living well on just 17% of the total lifestyle energy that the average American now consumes in alignment with the very aggressive year 2050 goals of the 2,000 Watt Society.

This collected data will be published on an open source basis for all to study to set new benchmarks for responsible energy consumption in daily living. A planned second phase of the project will include onsite food production and natural waste water treatment.

To keep track of the progress at Independence Station, Become a Fan of the World’s Greenest Building.

Independence Station Uses Ice to Offset Energy Consumption

independence_station_progress_2009-04-09001As Independence Station progresses they form more and more partnerships with green companies that aid them in their quest to become the world’s greenest building. Recently, the green developers announced that they chose CALMAC’s IceBank® Energy Storage System for eco-friendly cooling of Independence Station.

The ice storage technology from CALMAC was chosen to be a part of the overall HVAC system to offset energy usage during peak demand hours. The system is simple, ice made during off hours is used during peak hours so the building can run off grid. During the peak demand period the building will operate on power produced by biodiesel generators and cooled by the ice storage plant. This alternative saves costs by minimizing expensive electricity demand charges. Continue reading

FREE Eco-friendly Home Tours of Greenhaven

greehaven-eco-friendly-show-homeAtlanta’s first Eco-Decorators’ Show House, Greenhaven is now open for FREE tours through August 9th.  Located in Chelsea Landing – the first eco-friendly neighborhood community in East Cobb – the home was built by Pace Homebuilders.

Greenhaven will carry the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Earthcraft House, Energy Star, Health House, and NAHB green building certifications and showcase the latest in green building techniques, sustainable design, state-of-art technology and energy efficiency.

Twenty of Atlanta’s top decorators, each with a fresh and unique perspective on eco-friendly design, has worked with Continue reading

Development in Drains is Good for Environment and People

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of drain cleaners. Not only harmful to humans, these tough cleaning products can seriously harm the natural environment. One way to eliminate harmful cleaners from the home is to buy natural drain cleaners. These products don’t always have the same cleaning power as the toxic cleaners, but some would say it is worth the health of mother nature.

However, the newest and most exciting alternative to using toxic drain cleaners is the PermaFLOW drain. This is a transparent drain which has been engineered to remove drain build up before clogs even start to develop. The Green drain simply eliminates the need for secondary maintenance products like harmful liquid drain cleaners. Continue reading

Join the Worlds Greenest Building on Facebook

is-partnerbanner_125x125Independence Station has launched a Facebook group titled Fans of the World’s Greenest Building. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet and The World’s Greenest Building’s Facebook group will be a great tool for future residents to connect with the builders and developers, as well as other potential homeowners, in an innovative and unique way.

Anyone interested in learning more about this extraordinary green built project can find a plethora of information through the Facebook group. They can view pictures of the construction of the building as well as renderings of Continue reading

Move Over Canada, the United States is Taking Back the LEED

Independence StationDockside Green is the current world record leader in the LEED sustainability rating. The master-planned development is in Victoria, British Colombia and received an unprecedented rating of 63 points out of a possible 70. While this is a tremendous feat, Aldeia, LLC decided it was time an American structure took the world record from this Canadian project. I mean it has had the title for about a year now, and that’s long enough. So, nestled in the little pioneer town of Independence, OR, you’ll find Independence Station currently under construction, which plans to take the top LEED rating from Victoria Dockside with a LEED score between 64 and 66.

The potential score of this sustainable green building is primarily due to its use of renewable energy sources like the sun and vegetable oil. These two sources will supply the entire building with energy. The building will boast a unique 120 kilowatt installation of photovoltaic panels. During sunny months, the panels will produce more than enough energy to run the building, store extra energy in a large battery bank for nighttime use as well as feed power back into the grid. With this innovative energy source, Independence Station is also likely to be the most comprehensive “Smart Grid” project ever built. Continue reading