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New Condos and Apartments are Going Green

Oakland Park in Atlanta is a LEED-certified new Condo DevelopmentMore of the nation’s apartments and condos are going green as multifamily builders and developers respond to growing consumer interest in sustainable building practices, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). While a majority of the survey respondents – 74 percent – said that buyers and renters are willing to pay more for green amenities, the median additional amount they are willing to pay is only about two percent.

Pictured left is Oakland Park, which is a prime example of a new condo development that has incorporated sustainable building practices. Oakland Park is the first LEED-certified multifamily housing project in Atlanta, and has begun a trend for the city.

In the NAHB survey, which polled multifamily builders and developers nationwide on their green building practices, 89 percent of respondents reported that they are installing energy- efficient appliances and lighting in their multifamily communities. The survey also found that: Continue reading

Green Building Demand Increases

The demand for Green building has been increasing over the years.  Recently over 1,000 builders, remodelers and others in the home building industry have earned the Certified Green Professional (CGP) educational designation.  These builders have taken a step to move ahead of other builders by providing a service for customers to go green.  They ensure their customers are confident in their abilities with their CGP designation.

The National Association of Home Builder (NAHB) introduced the CGP designation in February, 2008.  Certified Green Professionals must complete 24 hours of classroom training including 16 hours of green building instruction; must have two years’ industry experience, must sign a code of ethics and must commit to fulfilling continuing education requirements to qualify for the designation.  Continue reading

Green HVAC and Water Heating Systems

One of the largest energy consumers in a home is the HVAC system. Thus, when constructing the Green House, it was imperative to find the appropriate company to install a system that would be energy efficient and not leave a large carbon footprint. So, if you are in the market for a green HVAC system, this is the one that was installed on the Brock Built Green House, with a full description of what makes this particular system energy efficient and green:

Installed by Lennox & Spence Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner: ENERGY STAR qualified that deliver superior performance in
all areas important to today’s consumers – comfort, control, energy efficiency,
quiet operation, environmental responsibility, and reliability. The energy-efficient cooling systems also use R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and chlorine-free.

Gas Furnace: The furnace is crafted with uncompromising design to deliver efficiency ratings of up to 92.1%, which can save the homeowners hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year compared to older furnaces. Continue reading

A Nearly Finished Product

The Brock Built Green House Almost CompleteThe Brock Built Green House is just about complete. We have some updated photos for your viewing pleasure. I think it’s time we take a minute to recall exactly what this extraordinary project represents.

First off, it represents many donated hours of labor and donated products. There is no way we can say thank you enough to all of the vendors that have helped make this charitable dream a reality. This one project really illustrates how the Atlanta community comes together to support a great cause, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the BEST causes around. Continue reading

More Features of the Green House

It won’t be much longer before we have photos of the finished community service project for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, but in the meantime I am going to describe even more green features that went into the construction of the Green House.

The exterior windows are Silverline brand, distributed by Robert Bowden, Inc. Silverline is an ENERGY STAR partner. Their windows reduce solar heat gain and minimize heat loss which keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A full 100% of any scrap vinyl, glass, aluminum, or cardboard remaining from production is recycled and reused. Continue reading