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More Features of the Green House

It won’t be much longer before we have photos of the finished community service project for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, but in the meantime I am going to describe even more green features that went into the construction of the Green House.

The exterior windows are Silverline brand, distributed by Robert Bowden, Inc. Silverline is an ENERGY STAR partner. Their windows reduce solar heat gain and minimize heat loss which keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A full 100% of any scrap vinyl, glass, aluminum, or cardboard remaining from production is recycled and reused. Continue reading

Bricking Has Started on the Green House

Last Monday, June 16, NoBrick Stoop Work on the Green Houserth Georgia Brick started the brick stoop work for Brock Built’s Green House. The slab work was completed on June 11, and North Georgia Brick seized the opportunity to deliver their bricks and get to work. North Georgia Brick is approaching its 25th anniversary, and in that time the company has become one of the leading brick distributors in the United States! The primary service area is in metro Atlanta, and the company contributes its nation success and continued growth to their unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of the customer. For the Green House, North Georgia Brick donated their time and product to help construct this amazing community service product. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Brock Built cannot thank you enough for your contribution to this great cause that benefits the environment as well as one of Atlanta’s greatest non-profit organization. It’s not long now before this green built house is open for tours!

Randal Lowe Enterprises Installs Plumbing

Plumbing installation has begun and is well underway at the Brock Built Green House. Thanks to Randal Lowe Enterprises, the homeowners of this extraordinary project will have an impeccable plumbing system that promotes green living. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is extremely thankful to Randal Lowe Enterprises for donating their time and expertise. It’s so great to see this amazing community service project come along so quickly and effectively. Atlanta homebuilding professionals have really come together together to make this home a reality. Great Job!

JAR Contruction Does Framing on Green House

1-going-green-080604.JPGAs you can see progress is taking huge strides forward in the development of the Green House. JAR Construction has generously donated their time and effort towards the completion of the Atlanta community service project. With the framing almost complete, you can really get a visual as to what the house is going to look like. This is going to be a fantastic home for a great family. Just look at the lot – the house backs up to beautiful wooded area, resulting in exquisite natural views.

2-going-green-080604.JPGIf this looks like a home you can imagine yourself living in, remember that all of the proceeds from the purchase of this house benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Thank you JAR Construction for offering such a tremendous helping hand.