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Drywall Completed for Green House

Juan’s Drywall, Inc. out of Lawrenceville, GA completed the drywall on the Green House last week. With the drywall being completed, the house is really starting to take frame of an actual home. Juan’s Drywall was very excited to volunteer to work on this home because of the charitable donation Brock Built is making with the auction. For those that don’t know, the Atlanta Green House is a home being built on a volunteer basis by Atlanta builders. The house is utilizing (and exceeding) all of the new standards necessary to make the house qualify as a “green home.” Once completed in October, the Green House will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. The great part about this home is not only is it a charitable donation that will help children in Atlanta, but also that it will serve as a great example of respecting our environment for future homes built all over the country. With progress mounting so fast, the dreams of the Atlanta Green House are finally becoming a reality.

Central Vac Goes Into Green Home

Loud Security Systems, Inc. installed a central vacuum system into the Atlanta Green Home. Central vacs make cleaning easier and are more efficient than hand held vacuums. They can also add value to the re-sale value of your home, making them the perfect addition to this unique project. The Atlanta Green Home is making progress every day and is right on schedule to be auctioned off for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta in October. With lots of upgrades and green standards throughout the home, this unique house can serve as a new green standard for new homes all around Georgia! Loud Security Systems, Inc. started as a family business and is passionate about customer service. They always stand behind their products and workmanship and were very excited to be apart of the Green Home

Green House Moving Right Along

going-green-080609-spence-hvac.JPGSpence Heating and Air, Inc. completed the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts) for Atanta’s Green House yesterday. The team chose EnergyStar heating and cooling systems from Lenox in order to keep with the green building standard. These great products can reduce heating costs by 40% and cooling costs by as much as 60%! Not only will they save the lucky homeowner who buys this Green House money on their monthly bills, but they are also great for our environment. The Environmental Protection going-green-hvac-install-080610-3.JPGAgency (EPA) even states that if just one in ten households installs these energy efficient HVACs , that over 17 billion pounds of pollution will be kept out of our air! A special thanks to Spence Heating and Air, Inc. for all of their hard work. Spence Heating and Air is out of Snellville and was founded in 1954. They perform efficient and high quality work and are happy to learn more about green products and take part in the Going Green Project.

Construction Continues at Green House

going-green-plumbing-080519-1.JPGRandal Lowe completed the under slab plumbing phase this week, making the completion of the Atlanta Green House one step closer. With this necessary foundation accomplished, builders can now look forward to the next exciting phase that help will make this house a role model for all other homes in Georgia. The Green House is being built by Brock Built and several other Atlanta volunteers in order to showcase the new “green standards” and will be auctioned off sometime in October. All proceeds will go to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. Although this is an important donation to a great cause, the real gift is a look into the future of green building standards that could help to make our world more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. All eyes are on the Green House and this exciting Atlanta project.

Park Pride’s 7th Annual Conference: A Vision of Sustainability

Park Pride’s Seventh Annual Parks and Greenspace Conference will be held Monday, March 31 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Galen Cranz, Professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley, will deliver the keynote speech. This signature event brings together leaders working toward the creation of world class park system in Atlanta. The event features a full day of presentations and break out sessions from local leaders focused on sustainability in Atlanta. Two sessions of particular interest to those in real estate.

The first, “Infill Redevelopment, Sustainability & Parks,” provides case studies on how Continue reading

“That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia”

earthhour.jpgYes, March 29, 2008 is going to be the night that the lights go out in Atlanta. The World Wildlife Fund recently announced that Atlanta has joined Earth Hour 2008 as an official supporting city. When approached with the invitation to make Atlanta the representative of the Eastern Time Zone, she jumped at the opportunity. After all it does support her recently “Sustainable Atlanta” environmental initiative. This is going to be Atlanta’s way to illustrate their concern and commitment to the environment and finding a solution to the climate change. By turning off all of the lights from 8 to 9 p.m. in Downtown, Midtown, Atlantic Station and Buckhead, Atlanta will be only one city in a global event to demonstrate their concern for the environment. San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Copenhagen, Toronto, Sydney, Bangkok and Manila are among some of the cities that will going dark on March 29. So, this is a call to arms for all Atlanta citizens, show your concern for the environment and turn off your lights, it will be a rather interesting show to not be able to see the Atlanta skyline all lit up.