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A Lower Energy Bill – The Green Amenity

A Programmable Thermostat Can Save 10% on Energy BillsThere are many ecological benefits to purchasing a new green built home, but even more enticing may be the ecological benefits associated with the energy efficient home. By incorporating energy management into your new home, you will permanently decrease your monthly energy bill. There is no way you haven’t noticed the drastic increase in prices recently – and I don’t just mean gas and energy, but also groceries, movies, doctor’s appointments, school field trips, clothes, everything! The times have come where you need to start saving money any way that you can, and by purchasing a home with “energy amenities,” you are taking a step in the right direction.

Statistics report that the average U.S. residential electricity prices will rise approximately 3.7 % this year and another 3.6% next year – that’s almost 10% in a two year period. It also doesn’t help that the demand for electricity is expected to increase 40% in the next 25 years. Basic economics tells us when the demand for a product is greater than the supply, prices will drastically increase. Continue reading