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Are You Green Certified?

by Megan McLaughlin

Just about everyone uses computers and a large percentage of those who do are definitely using the internet. Many people also have websites, whether for personal or business purposes, but not everyone has a Green Certified website! CO2Stats is out to change that.

Now that you're reading this, you may begin to notice this little bug on many of the web pages you usually browse. CO2Stats offers green site certification by calculating the combined electricity used by computers visiting a site, the servers providing it and the networks that connect them. CO2Stats then helps to make a site more energy efficient (and load faster), and purchases renewable energy to neutralize the carbon emissions due to generation of that electricity. Pretty cool, huh?

According to the CO2Stats site, "it is an easy-to-use service that makes your website carbon neutral and energy-efficient, and that provides certification that you have taken steps to make your site environmentally friendly." So if you haven't already found ways to make your website more eco-friendly, check out CO2Stats and get your site Green Certified! Its an interesting, fun way to care for the environment while bringing some green appeal to the web!

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The Lazy Environmentalist – The Show!

By Megan McLaughlin

Follow host Josh Dorfman on his quest to save the planet - one wasteful couch potato at a time! With help from a professional "mixologist," a "hypermiler" and other environmental experts, Sundance Channel's original new series, THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST is sure to help change wasteful ways!

Josh Dorfman, the author of The Lazy Environmentalist, now has his own show, featured on the Sundance Channel. His theory is that making good environmental choices shouldn’t cause you to drastically alter the way you live your life or make any sacrifices. On his brand new show, Dorfman finds ways to prove his point. From finding organic and local foods for a chef to improving the gas mileage for a courier service and teaching some frat boys how to help the environment and themselves!

On his website, Dorfman explains, “I love this challenge because it’s an opportunity to demonstrate to people that greening their actions is not only better for the planet, but also for them, in terms of their quality of life. He knows its hard for a lot of people to acknowledge global warming when it doesn’t seem like there is a real, straightforward plan for solving the issue, and that’s why he’s here to show you how to take some easy steps in the right direction.

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“That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia”

earthhour.jpgYes, March 29, 2008 is going to be the night that the lights go out in Atlanta. The World Wildlife Fund recently announced that Atlanta has joined Earth Hour 2008 as an official supporting city. When approached with the invitation to make Atlanta the representative of the Eastern Time Zone, she jumped at the opportunity. After all it does support her recently “Sustainable Atlanta” environmental initiative. This is going to be Atlanta’s way to illustrate their concern and commitment to the environment and finding a solution to the climate change. By turning off all of the lights from 8 to 9 p.m. in Downtown, Midtown, Atlantic Station and Buckhead, Atlanta will be only one city in a global event to demonstrate their concern for the environment. San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Copenhagen, Toronto, Sydney, Bangkok and Manila are among some of the cities that will going dark on March 29. So, this is a call to arms for all Atlanta citizens, show your concern for the environment and turn off your lights, it will be a rather interesting show to not be able to see the Atlanta skyline all lit up.