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Deadline Approaching for Submissions to the 2014 NAHBGreen Awards

The deadline to submit your green building project into the 2014 NAHBGreen Awards is rapidly approaching. All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, October 15, 2013 to be eligible to win a Project or Advocate of the Year award, which will be presented in February during the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.

Presented by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the NAHBGreen Awards recognizes individuals, companies and organizations for excellence in residential green design and construction practices, as well as for green building program and advocacy efforts.

“In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in green building, and the industry has responded by designing and constructing high-performance homes that reflect not only green and energy efficient principles, but also innovative design,” said NAHB Chairman Rick Judson, a home builder from Charlotte, N.C. “Each year, NAHB recognizes the very best work in this sector in its NAHBGreen Awards.”

This year, organizers of the awards have attempted to make it easier to submit entries by streamlining the submission process and making it quicker. Applications for Project of the Year have been revised this year and can be submitted online.

The awards categories include Project of the Year – Single-family, Project of the Year – Multifamily, Project of the Year – Remodel, Project of the Year – Green Site Development and Advocate of the Year.

The awards are open to both NAHB and non-NAHB members. To be eligible for the Green Project of the Year categories, projects must have been started no earlier than January 2010 and substantially completed by December 2013. All homes and developments must be scored to either the 2008 or 2012 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard® to ensure fair comparison for judging purposes. This can be done by downloading the score sheets online.

Application fees are $250 for Project of the Year categories and $150 for Advocate of the Year.

For more information or to apply for the 2014 NAHBGreeen Awards, please visit www.NAHB.org/GreenBuildingAwards. Please contact Chad Riedy at criedy@nahb.org with any additional questions.

Green Building Leaders Invited to Attend Building Conference

EEBAMark your calendars! The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) is proud to present the 30th Annual Excellence in Building Conference & Expo on September 25 through September 27 at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Ariz.. Celebrating the best in building science, EEBA’s Excellence in Building Conference & Expo presents a year’s worth of value in just three days!

EEBA will provide  hands-on building science training, innovative ideas, critical information and relevant resources you need from the nation’s leading experts. Participants will hear presentations from John Tooley, Sam Rashkin and Mark LaLiberte, and enjoy more than 55 educational sessions covering building science with insight from the industry’s leading thinkers.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to deliver energy efficient and high performance homes to the public. This conference will provide green building leaders and newcomers alike with a chance to network with other professionals, and to develop solutions to problems within the green building industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in two unique off-site tours that will provide hands-on experience as well as mingle with 60 exhibit partners in the Exhibit Hall.

The early rate of full conference registration is $500 from now until July 31. The regular rate is $550, the onsite rate is $600 and the student rate is $350. One day passes are also available. Reserve your room at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess with a single or double room rate of $159.

For more information, visit www.eeba.org/conference or email conference@eeba.org. Become part of the EEBA network on Facebook at www.facebook.com/goeeba. To register, call the registration hotline at (952) 881-1098. For more information on green building, events and trends, check out our site.

Green Roof Use Going Through The Roof

iStock imageAlthough only a small percentage of U.S. homes have a green roof, the green roof market grew 115 percent in 2011. For example, Washington D.C. announced that for the first time the city has more than 800,000 sq ft. of green roofs installed, making it the top ranked market for green roofs for 2011.

“This is evidence that the District is moving toward my vision for a sustainable D.C. and will lead the nation in implementing green practices and growing a green economy,” said Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray. “We are fully committed to being number one again next year.”

However, for the past decade, Chicago, still remains the top green roof leader among metropolitan areas, with over five million square feet of installed green roofs.

Components of a green roof include layers of protected membranes and soil medium, and planted with any type of vegetation such as grasses. Advocates say the benefits of added insulation for buildings, increased energy efficiency and better stormwater management outweigh the costs.

In addition, green roofs contribute to cleaner air, reduce stress off sewer systems through stormwater retention and help reduce the heat island effect that urban areas experience.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is an association that promotes the development of green roofs and walls. “We are definitely beginning to see results from policy support that has increased over the past few years,” says Jeffrey L. Bruce, chair of GRHC. “The industry is also benefiting from the more than 500 accredited green roof professionals (GRPs) in the market, who are committed to driving future industry growth.”

“As awareness grows on the multiple benefits of green roofs and the success of the industry, more homeowners will recognize green roofs as investments that will pay financial and environmental dividends,” said Paul Erlichman, membership coordinator for the association. “At a larger scale, an increasing amount of policies such as Toronto’s Green Roof Bylaw will require that developers use green infrastructure principles in their projects. Certainly, the further development of these policies will make our cities greener and drive the residential green roof market.”

For more information on  Atlanta green building visit Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

Signature Homes Offers Buyers Energy Saving Amenities

Bay Area Homes at Silver OakTop San Francisco home builder, Signature Homes, offers high-quality building options and the latest in energy saving amenities. From ENERGY STAR® appliances to sustainable flooring, this 2010 Builder of the Year provides the tools needed to promote green living.

Every Bay Area home is made with the aforementioned amenities in addition to high-efficiency toilets and low VOC paints. These homes offer reduced levels of pollution, green house gases and are less dependent on finite energy sources.

Buyers of Signature Homes not only promote health in the environment, they also save money by investing in homes equipped with environmentally conscious elements. These elements improve residents’ quality of life as they save energy and money. Build It Green has come alongside Signature Homes to ensure that every home is constructed with environmentally conscious materials.

The builder constructs new homes in several Bay Area and Sacramento communities with features such as elegant kitchens, ceramic tile flooring, granite slab countertops and Whirlpool appliance packages in addition to their energy saving construction.

Signature Homes has built over 6,000 homes in more than 70 residential communities in the Bay Area and Sacramento region with no end in sight. Thousands of buyers have become part of the Signature Homes family and with new plans on the horizon, there will be many more to come.

Signature Homes has sought to combine the environmentally conscious elements of green building with sophisticated design in each of its unique Bay Area homes. These energy saving amenities provide homeowners with energy renewable homes that are both affordable and luxurious.

For more information about Signature Homes or its communities, visit the website.

Going Green by Downsizing

So you are a green builder. Are you this green?

The Equifax Personal Finance Blog

recently reported on a home at the University of Hertforshire, UK, that is just 3x3x3 meters. That’s a few inches smaller than 10’x10’x10’.

Called the Cube, the home is designed with all the furnishings one person needs. In addition to a kitchenette, table, two chairs, lounge and small bed, it contains a full sized shower and a composting toilet.

Among the home’s many green features are LED lights, an air-source heat pump, and an energy-efficient fridge. Plus, with the use of solar photovoltaic panels, it produces at least as much energy as it uses. To see the home and read about its additional features, check out the full article, “

The Cube Project: What Would You Give Up To Live In A Tiny House?”

For a true green builder, this may be a dream house. But for the rest of us, it’s a little far fetched. Many demonstration projects go to extremes to show all of the things that can be done, while working home builders are faced with trying to build green within real-life budgets and real homebuyer preferences.

After you’ve seen the article at the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, come back here and tell us if that project gives you any ideas you can use now. What will help you as a green builder incorporate more environmentally friendly components into your next home?

Maryland Luxury Builder Goes Green

Camberley Homes is taking a break from building its typical luxury homes.  The company, a division of Winchester Homes from Bethesda, Md., is trading its 3,200 square-foot floor plans for smaller, more energy-efficient housing. The greener model will soon be completed and is expected to represent future trends in sustainable living.

According to an article by Nigel F. Maynard of Builder Magazine, Stephen J. Nardella, a senior vice president at Winchester, liked the NAHB Research Center’s idea to build a greener home. The home will be a part of the Department of Energy’s Building America Challenge and will enable Winchester to get ahead of the curve regarding a code of energy-efficient changes that will soon come to the housing market.

Nardella said this home won’t be the “same old energy-efficient home.”  The home will be The Branford model of the Centennial Collection by Camberley Homes and will be a 2,600-square-foot house. In accordance with the Building America Challenge, the house will be 30 percent more energy efficient than the code, which is a significant increase in efficiency.

In order to make the necessary changes to increase energy efficiency, Camberley homes is making adapting the way it approaches making its homes. Foremost, the floor plan has been reduced by 600 square feet to reduce heating and cooling costs. The house will have a detached garage for better air quality inside the house. Construction materials will consist of prefabricated and panelized structural components which will make construction more efficient by reducing waste, and advanced framing techniques will be used.

The model house is expected to be completed soon and will be priced in the high $800s.

Energy Efficient Homes in Atlanta Live, Work, Play Community

Imagine – a large home in the suburbs and a nice-sized yard. Do you instantly picture excess and waste? That’s not the case in the live, work, play community of West Village in Smyrna. The homes that Ashton Woods Homes is building through its PowerHouse Green program ensure homeowners will save up to 45 percent on utilities and enjoy superior indoor air quality.

The community, Brookfield Park at West Village is now open and ready for home buyers to become happy home owners. The community is a private enclave in the West Village development, which is a recipient of The Development of Excellence Award by the Atlanta Regional Commission. The beautiful homes will be just walking distance from restaurants, boutiques, entertainment and more. It is also convenient to major business centers as well as Interstate 285.

To learn more about Brookfield Park at West Village, visit the Ashton Woods Homes website or call 404-606-9146.

Want more information about green Atlanta real estate? Visit Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

National Green Building Conference Sheds Light On Green Building

green building National Green Building ExpoEveryone seems to be jumping on the green building train with eco-friendly products and services. For those who feel a bit overwhelmed, why not attend the NAHB National Green Building Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City? You’ll learn about the value of green building and more importantly, how to communicate that value to your audience.

Several important topics and courses that will be offered include:

  • Advanced Green Building: Building Science (two-day session)
  • Advanced Green Building: Project Management (two-day session)
  • Business Management for Building Professionals
  • Green Building for Building Professionals (two-day session)
  • Power Hour Breakout Sessions with product demos

People who attend the Advanced Green Building sessions will be happy to know that they count towards receiving the new Master Certified Green Professional designation. In addition to these sessions, there are networking opportunities, breakout sessions and over 100 exhibits for people to meet other green building professionals and learn about the latest trends. Attendees will also be taken on a Home Tour where they will see real-world examples of green principles. And for those who want to see who’s been making a splash in the industry, the NAHB Green Building Awards Dinner will be held at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.

Whether you’re a builder, remodeler, developer, product manufacturer or home inspector, the National Green Building Conference & Expo can benefit you. The conference takes place at the Salt Palace Convention Center  from May 1 through 3 with pre-conference courses on April 27 through 30.

For more information and to register, visit the NAHB website.

Green Building Professionals Learn Social Media

For the next two days, green building professionals will gather in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. at the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) conference to discover the latest in home energy ratings, residential energy efficiency financing and building performance. In addition to these key topics, attendees will also have a chance to learn how to develop their businesses through the addition of a social media component to their marketing plans.

On the surface, social media may not seem like an integral or even necessary piece of green building marketing. However, more and more, consumers are turning to the internet to find out about the latest in energy efficiency and green building practices. Those in the green building industry who use tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter to promote their products and services will find that they can drive more traffic to their sites and set themselves apart from their competition.

To help RESNET attendees navigate through the world of social media, Mitch Levinson, mRELEVANCE, LLC managing partner, is presenting a seminar today. During his discussion, Mitch will teach participates how to use social media and key words to promote their businesses and develop relationships with consumers.

The session will teach:

  • How to increase exposure through the use of social media tools
  • What social media tool are out there and what works best based on individual needs
  • Real-life examples of social media and their influence on the marketplace

For more information about RESNET, visit the website. If you’re unable to attend the conference, but still want to incorporate these tools in your marketing plan, contact Mitch at mRELEVANCE.

Green Builder Magazine Takes Two National Journalism Awards

Green building and sustainable development continue to be of concern for real estate professionals and consumers. As we consume, we also become aware of how we can sustain, and sorting it all out can be confusing. However, a leader continues to emerge to help us on this crazy “green” journey.

Green Builder magazine, Green Builder Media’s flagship publication, has once again received recognition for its  investigative reports, analysis, design ideas and pertinent information for professionals and consumers.

The magazine received two national journalism awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editor’s annual journalism competition. The first award, “Best Trade Magazine Report for the Residential Real Estate, Mortage/Finance or Homebuilding/Residential Development Industries,” went to Green Builder’s editor in chief Matt Power for the article titled “The Limits of Technology.” The article addressed which green technologies really progress sustainability.

The second award of Best Residential Trade Magazine was granted to Green Builder magazine because of the variety, depth and beauty that the magazine holds.

The magazine is led by a veteran staff including editorial director, Cati O’Keefe; editor in chief Matt Power; and national design director, Eddie Malstrom.

For more information about Green Builder magazine, visit the website.