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Go Green with Your Kitchen Remodeling Project: Reclaimed Wood Countertops

wood countertopsIt’s time to think green with most everything you do, especially considering the fact that Earth Day is only two days away (April 22, 2010). So, take that home remodeling project to the next level by incorporating green features, like ENERGY Star appliances, water conserving facets and eco-friendly countertops. It may be somewhat shocking to discover that non-energy consuming products can be green, but it’s true. In fact, most everything you include in your home renovation, whether a functioning appliance or not, has a green alternative for you to use. When it comes to kitchen countertops, some of the most eco-friendly are the reclaimed wood countertops from the Heritage Wood collection.

As Georgia’s only member of the elite Artisan Group, Construction Resources is the exclusive supplier of the Heritage Wood collection in Atlanta. Continue reading